In-order communication. Part of the HelgApps Business Collaboration Space.

The last release of HelgApps has added some beneficial features, and one of them is chat within an order. The chat was specifically created for the communication within the order. Therefore, you can reach only the person you have assigned as responsible for the order or if the order was assigned to you by your college or boss you can reach him/her using the chat function. The chat will be saved in the order so you can check it back at any time if you need any details you have discussed.

For example, let’s look at order #58. As you can see, there is a responsible person for this order with email The deadline is pretty soon within one week and the time of delivery is no longer so flexible. A client has contacted you and asked to come at 10 am. So you can edit the order placing the new time of the delivery in the details, but you can also directly write responsible person. Now you can click on the order name or number. In our case #58.


Now you can see this order details on the full screen. On the bottom of the order, you will see chat window. There is a responsible team “Sales Team” for this order and person from the team “” You can see a message box on the bottom where you can directly reach assigned person.


After you write a message and click send it will immediately appear in the message box and will be saved in order. So next time when you expand your order you can see the message history as well.

chat82 will see your message in notification even if she is not in your active business group.  Now let’s check Jenny’s view.


By clicking on Reference number 58, an active business group will be automatically switched, and she can see the message in message history along with other order details. Also, she can respond to your message at the bottom of the page.


Another awesome feature of the chat is that it saves all message history for the order so in case you need to change the responsible person he or she will see all messages between you and previously assigned person. For example, if the same order was previously assigned to the person with email Jenny will see the messages you have send to this person when she gets assigned to the order. You will see those messages as well in order.


If you have more questions about our features please ask and do not hesitate to contact us with any other comments or thought.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Helga and

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