Making HelgApps better every day. Release notes.

As you already see we are pretty quick with the updates. We migrated to a new Visual Studio 2017 few hours after release. We are also live project on Dot Net Core, and there are not so many live projects currently on the market since it is still new.
Our new release include several big changes, and new additions let’s go over:
1. We have added notifications now you can instantly see when someone adds new order on your name or writes you a message about your created order or one that you have assigned.
2. Chat. This is a huge move. We have been asked for communication channel quite a few times, so here we are. Now chat is available for every order. Now you can communicate within order space, and your notes will be saved so you can check your discussion anytime.
3. We have added new security features thanks to the Comodo. Now your connection has a better Security. More Info Link.
Helga Team has created convenient Business Collaboration Space for your business.

Yours faithfully,
Helga and

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