Terms and Conditions

Do you think it’s important to have terms and conditions? Most of us already signed tons of terms and conditions and for some people proper reading very often was not a part of this process. Having a business made me think how would I protect our product and our customers since we invest our time, money and most important our hearts into Helga and HelgApps. Terms and Conditions is one of the ways to protect business and its clients. Besides, Terms and Conditions simply define the relationship between us and you, our users, and any third party.

Our Beta is showing consistently stable and good results, so we are few step closer to the removing the sign “Beta” from the HelgApps that’s why we have updated our terms and conditions as of today you will see each update date when signing. Moreover, next couple weeks I will have a special announcement for you so stay tuned.

Yours faithfully,

helgapps.com and helgaweb.com

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