Another big deployment for Helga! We have successfully deployed few new features and fixed some bugs. Our product and progress make us very proud because every day we work to make a life of our Clients easier. One of these features is a search system. Now you can look up your orders simply by entering almost any data from the order such as title, client, description, or responsible person. You can also check all order for the particular client or person in charge.
To launch a search. Log in, go the Orders Tab and click the search icon.


It will get to the page where you can enter desired value, and the result will appear below. Enter the value and press Search button.


If there are several results, they all will be shown below the search line.

Pay attention search is case sensitive. For example, a description in the first order has world Deliver which starts with the upper case it is necessary to start with your search word with upper case same as it was original. Therefore, it will find all orders that have word Deliver or begin with Deliver starting with the upper case.

We are working on improvements and you will read about new improvements and features in our next posts.

Sincerely yours,
Helga and

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