Create Teams

One of the major features in HelgApps is the option to create teams, and assign tasks to the responsible person from the team. To see the assignment member will also need to register in the system simply using their email.

Now let’s look at this function in particular. First, you have to log in and then click on the tab Teams.


Next, click on Create New.


It will get you to the page where you need to enter your team name and then click Create.


To add members of your team simply click on Members next to the selected team.


Now you are at the page where you can add or delete team member. I also would like to mention that you need to add only members email. So he/she would be able to see the assigned tasks. Simply enter email and click Add.


In case you need to remove your team member, click on Remove button next to the email.

removeShort example

create team + add member

More questions about how to manage teams?

Ask questions, leave your feedback and we will reach back within few hours, as well as clarify these questions to the public.

Sincerely yours,
Helga and

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