Orders Overview

One of the main targets for Helga was to make orders easy and fast and simple but at the same time include all important points for you. So here we go.

Let’s start with creating order from scratch. First, you need to log in, and then you will see your main page with new orders. To create new order simply click on the button create new, as shown below.


Create Order page has seven fields. You don’t necessarily have to fill all of them. For example, if you don’t have a description, or title, or client name, or team, you can simply leave it blank. Team and Responsible are the drops down menus. In order to assign a task to the team or the responsible person, you will have to add them at the Teams menu before the assignment. And then click Save.


After you have created and saved your first orders, the page will look like the one shown below, and new orders tab will indicate that they are recently opened.


Order menu has three tabs besides Create Order button. They are New Orders that we already talked about. The second one is  Close Due Date tab. This tab is very similar to the New Orders tab. It has the same Edit, and Add SubOrder buttons but also adds Close Order button. This button allows you to close the order and it will remove the order from the New Order and Close Due Date pages. This also means the order is closed or complete.  The closed order is not deleted! It will be simply transferred to the Closed Orders page.


The next tab is Closed Orders. This page will include all your recently closed orders with option to re-open them at anytime. To re-open order you can simply click on Re-Open button and it will be transferred back.


Short example

create order gif short

If you have more questions about orders, please ask and do not forget to share your feedback. In the next postings we will look deeper into Sub Orders, and how to manage Teams.

Sincerely yours,

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