Let me remind you, Helga is here to provide you with free business solutions that will be easy to use.

I like to have at least some visual guidance when it comes to the education, new programs, new software, etc. Long documentation is great but having few images is even better. As usually, one of the first steps is to register. Registration creates your shell where you can add, edit, and delete your orders. Besides create, edit, and add your business groups. I will provide you with more details on each step in separate postings and today let’s take a look at our simple registration process.

To get started simply click “get started” at the center of the screen. Another option is to click “sign up” button at the top right corner. They both will get you to the same registration screen.



Registration is fairly simple you have to enter your email and password. We do not ask you a million additional questions that take your time and make you feel like you already hate this app. It is all about convenience and simplicity. Enter these three fields, and you are ready to use your app.


Remember Password needs to have at least one non-alphanumerical character to avoid this warning shown on a picture. The alphanumeric password consists letters and numbers and to add non-alphanumeric character simply add a symbol. So it will be much more complicated to break your password.


Once you registered, there is no need to confirm your email. I also find it very well-timed. Many of the apps I use today send you a confirmation with the delay. Another thing is you have to leave your current screen in order to get the confirmation mail, and I’m not a big fan when it happens while I use mobile phone or tab. I also would like to mention HelgApps and Helgaweb are mobile friendly pages!

Next time you use HelgApps, you simply have to click on log in button at the top right corner, and it will get you to the log in page where you will have to enter your email and password.


It will get you to the home screen. Your first business group will be created automatically. I will give more examples and details about business groups in my next posts.


Short Example


Now you are ready to use HelgApps. Read More button will navigate you to the blog.

Please, let me what topics you want me to expand. Ask questions, and we will answer!

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

More details will follow…


Sincerely yours,
Helga and

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