Managing Business Operations

Helga is all about making business operations easy and simple. Nowadays trend to downsize, and go tiny brought us to the place when the conventional software to manage business operations takes too much effort, too much time, too much space, and cost too much. Having something free and easily accessible is always a good thing. Small to midsize businesses even the single person businesses like freelance, consulting, engineering, or even blogging, and cleaning pools surely can benefit from HelgApps. Of course, first you think it free, and you don’t hear words like “business” and “software” along with this adjective, but it is also a very convenient way to keep track of your operations.

Let’s pretend there in an engineering firm on the market, they already have clients and employees. HelgApps gives freedom to assign task and orders conveniently from any place and the person you designate the task will see it right away. You can also track the progress, see how many orders are in place, how many orders have each of your teams and responsible person, how many orders are closed. One of the options is also assigned task to the group/team and select a responsible person, due date, etc. Few of the great things about using HelgApps is that you can create separate groups/teams and assignments will be available only to those who are in these groups. In our example, this helps managing partners to have an optimal load on each employee and group as well as to separate them within the program, so they don’t see what the other orders are except that they have.

Simple Business Tools for You.


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